Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

I am Watching.
Just Watching.

Slowly enticing. Hypnotizing.
Find that surprising!
I am just watching.

Soon or Late.
I have no end. I am the end.
I am Watching.
You twist before you bend.
Now or Then.
I have no start. I am the start.
I am Watching.
You mind your heart.

Getting addictive. Un-descriptive.
Find that fictive!
I am just Watching.

You cannot fight. I am not the Light.
You cannot fight. I am no delight.

You cannot see. I am not to be.
You cannot see. I am no mystery.

I am so much. I cannot show.
I am so little. You cannot know.
When I Attack.
For, I am Black.

And I am Watching.
Just Watching!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

When to hold. When to fold.
It's not the dealer's decision.
When to go. When to slow.
It's not a sign-board direction.
How can a simple bend in the road
Tell you when you're done?
When, on this pleasure trip, in fact
It's U-Turn when 'You'- Turn!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

All those daring years of relentless strife,
That perfect score, to which I gave my life.
The keen interest to reach that finesse,
All those mornings of tireless practice.
Each moment lived in the spirit of the game.
Those invisible years before the fame.

The chants of a glory self-made,
To loud cheers of a shot well-played.
The thunderous, everlasting applaud,
To welcome a brand new record.

I'm but a spectator in the crowd,
As I watch with a reluctant frown,
The sun set upon my playing ground...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

I don't have to check my clothes,
Nor set my hair right.
There's no need to stretch a bit,
Or pull my stomach in tight.
Fix and mend so many things,
I don't know why I should.
Isn't it true you're shooting me
Because already I am good?
I don't have to stretch my muscles,
When you tell me to 'Say Cheese!'
I will not stand and sit and look and tilt,
And ask you to 'Wait Please!'
Smile and laugh and all of that,
I don't know why I should.
I feel so happy you're shooting me
Because already I am good!
I already am - what your camera wants to see.
The pure soul you want to be.
I already am - what your photo wants to show.
The happy secret you want to know.
What you're trying to capture in your 'lovely snap'...
That my didi, I already am!