Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

I don't have to check my clothes,
Nor set my hair right.
There's no need to stretch a bit,
Or pull my stomach in tight.
Fix and mend so many things,
I don't know why I should.
Isn't it true you're shooting me
Because already I am good?
I don't have to stretch my muscles,
When you tell me to 'Say Cheese!'
I will not stand and sit and look and tilt,
And ask you to 'Wait Please!'
Smile and laugh and all of that,
I don't know why I should.
I feel so happy you're shooting me
Because already I am good!
I already am - what your camera wants to see.
The pure soul you want to be.
I already am - what your photo wants to show.
The happy secret you want to know.
What you're trying to capture in your 'lovely snap'...
That my didi, I already am!


  1. where is this.... n mann! u r gud at photography... says so much...looks like b lore has dun u good

  2. Lady. You *are* in France. I mean, all this creativity - it's enthralling.

    This snap in particular, reminds me of our Roto days. It is the SVP kids at Paint for A Cause, isn't it? Splendid.

    All the snaps here - breathtaking. All of them. Post more!

    Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

  3. nice play with words...yeah...the snap reminds a lot of our Roto Days

  4. very gr8 thought...keep it up..

  5. Oh! MY! good ! god!
    I just loved and loved and loved this 1!!!!!!!
    such a striking difference in the use of 'I AM'...the way I use it n the way u do...urs is so innocent...just loved it..

  6. Oooooooooohhh...I love this one Perv. Damn slap in the face of the photographer ;)

    P.S - No Gosu, I loved the pic too...I swear!


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