Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

I am Watching.
Just Watching.

Slowly enticing. Hypnotizing.
Find that surprising!
I am just watching.

Soon or Late.
I have no end. I am the end.
I am Watching.
You twist before you bend.
Now or Then.
I have no start. I am the start.
I am Watching.
You mind your heart.

Getting addictive. Un-descriptive.
Find that fictive!
I am just Watching.

You cannot fight. I am not the Light.
You cannot fight. I am no delight.

You cannot see. I am not to be.
You cannot see. I am no mystery.

I am so much. I cannot show.
I am so little. You cannot know.
When I Attack.
For, I am Black.

And I am Watching.
Just Watching!


  1. Oh the pic again!!!
    anuj's work or urs?
    waitin for this post man!

  2. Anuj's... yeah yeah post will be up in a day or two!!! :)

  3. Woah! What poetry my friend! Not seen something like that in a long time. Abstract, creative, fabulous!

  4. when a poet uses 'I' for the abstract the words and imagery tend to be heavier...

    you have tried an abstraction with simple words...largely devoid of imagery...but an attempt to get contradictory statements together...

    it does not seem beautiful but it surely was intended that way...

    keep writing...u r good!


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