Sunday, November 9, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

An outstretched expanse of the 'happy' blue,
Spread wide across, embracing you.
Jaunty, floating cotton marshmallows,
Drizzling a wet breeze on yon fellows.
A long rift of grey chiseled stone,
Sculpted into one edifice alone.
Amidst the giant you can sight,
Frozen rivers of a milky white.
Tenderly lush and fresh with dew,
Green stalks of the greenest hue.
A rippled mirror never-ending,
Sheltering lights playfully bending.
If you wish to find the place where I live,
I've got none other direction to give.
When you find in one eye-span all that I said,
You'll see my home of the brightest red...


  1. Picturesque! And a pleasant read. The sort of think which could be written on a lazy jobless afternoon staring at the scene depicted in the picture!!

  2. oh my good god... this was so innovative man!!1
    how did you even come up with this idea...


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