Friday, December 5, 2008

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

When I was young, I made a lot of mischief.
Dropped the jars and ran away,
Lost valuables trying to play.
When mom asked, I sat up stiff.
Didn't look nervous, not a bit.
"But ma, I didn't do it!"

I was naked when I lied.
I don't think I tried.
To pass the buck away from me.
I knew what I had done.
But I hid behind none.
'Twas an innocent escape you see.
When I see you, you do the same,
Dropped duties and ran away.
Lost lives trying to play.
But yours is a different game.
Don't feel guilty, not a bit.
Of course! You're not responsible for it.
You wear masks as you lie.
And it's nothing else you try.
But to pass the buck away from you.
You ignore what you have done.
Always on the run.
Away from the needed things to do.
You're also naked you see.
Just a little different from me.
I am naked on the whole.
You... only in your soul...


  1. gr8 pic...whats the location??

  2. hey wassup! sorry i was away frm the net for a while... so cudnt comment ... will read both the posts tonite n tell u abt them...


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