Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photo: Anuj Gosalia

I know it's only a few months, weeks maybe.
But they don't.
They see me.
They decide.
They judge.
They think.
They know.
That I am not nature's wonder. With velvet greens and blossoms of crimson.
I am not a great writing spot... so serene and inviting!
I am not their rendezvous place where they can whisper sweet-nothings they learnt from 'Rahul' or 'Raj'?
Not even a passer-by's consideration for a little rest!
What did I expect!?
I am barren. I am dry.
No utility. No beauty either.
They know that.
They know I am no good.
They know I am not a 'tree' tree maybe!
That it is ok, now, to bring me down.
I know it's just autumn.
But they don't.
I know that it is only a god-damned season!
I know I'll still have my being, my reason, my character.
But they don't.
They only know what they see...