Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mushrooming Hope

Taken in Kerela, on the way to Edakkal caves
Picture Courtesy: Nikhil Bangera 

Mushrooms don't deserve fields.
They are not accustomed to the long wait for the rain
nor, the care of harvesting.

Mushrooms just spring up
without knowing
whether they were meant to be there
or not.
They have no desire for nourishment
or nurture.
Nobody really cares for mushrooms,
except for a keen photographer
or perhaps, a lousy poet.
Maybe someone who cannot afford grain
picks them up,
makes them into a concoction
and survives.

But Mushrooms
don't give a damn
about anyone needing them.

For, mushrooms just spring up.
Like hope.
Free, rare and wild.