Monday, November 5, 2012

The Prayer of a Twig

Picture Courtesy: Nikhil Bangera 
If you think I don't, 
Listen to me and you will see
I do know.
I do.
I am of 
no Worth
to You.
I am no muse
Yes, I am of no use. 

I no longer 
Yes, I do 

Is that why
you left me to whither
in a barbed grave?

But, I pray to you
Have a conversation 
with that little cuckoo.

He looks at me each passing day 
thinking about how he may
take me away. 

From your wire and your wall 
Far away from this broken fall. 

How he would 
if he could 
remove me from this 
uncouth mesh
and make me the pillow 
on his baby's nest! 


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