Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moonlight Song.

Picture Courtesy: Nikhil Bangera and Mrigendra Singh

of the day. 
Show yourself to me. 
I need you now, 
to write my 
I have gone on, 
for a bit 
too long. 
I need you now,
to turn the pages. 
As I move away 
from bread and wages. 

Moonlight of the day, 
For me,
You're the only one. 
As there is too much else 
to be done by the Sun. 

Shine upon me, 
ever fragile. 
Dance me through 
ever mile. 

I stand here. 
I surrender. 
To you, the shadow
of the moon. 
Gliding past the 
clouds of noon. 

of the day. 
For me, 
you're the one. 
Sun is shining upon the hay. 
Everyone is caught up 
with their bread concern. 
I want to taste the hunger 
and to you I turn. 

of the day. 
You're the one 
For a fool such as I,
you're the only one. 
The bright shining sun, 
it has to time. 
To pay any heed.
It's so busy shining upon 
physical need. 
No time, 
for my poetry to read.

of the day. 
I lay my trust in you. 
For your elusive shadows
to see me through... 


  1. This came at just the right time for me - thanks for the inspiration Poorva :D


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